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Are you passionate about supporting expectant parents and young families? We would love to have you join the Alpha Grand Rapids (AGR) volunteer team! There are many unique volunteer roles that allow you to serve in the area where you feel most passionate. While some roles involve working directly with people and others are more “behind-the-scenes,” each one is crucial and makes a huge impact on the individuals and families that receive services at AGR. We also have volunteer opportunities for families, small groups, classes, sports teams, organizations, and more!

Please Note

A background check is required for all volunteers. Mentors and coaches must also complete all necessary paperwork in addition to our Volunteer Training Program prior to meeting with clients.

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Volunteer Training

All volunteers are required to attend Volunteer Training. Non-client-facing volunteers are only asked to attend Session 1. Volunteers that interact with clients in group settings are required to attend Session 1 and 2. Volunteers that will work with parents one-on-one as a mentor or coach must attend all four sessions of training.

Volunteer Training is typically offered twice per year (typically in February and August/September) and consists of four classroom sessions and a period of experiential learning upon completing the classroom training. Classroom sessions are offered during morning and evening times to fit your schedule. Training helps volunteers becomes familiar with AGR services, policies, and documenting procedures. Skills such as empathy, active listening, and building relationships are heavily emphasized. That might sound overwhelming, but we promise training is a lot of fun, too!

Please note:

Potential volunteers are not always approved for all roles. Completing our training program does not guarantee a specific role. Selection for various positions is based on availability, need, experience, and fit.

“We’ve gotten to know the moms. We get to hear their stories and be part of the discussions… I was kind of amazed how much I really started to love these women.”
-Single Moms Support Group Cook